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2018-2019 competition year begins at Waltrip tourney

On September 29, HUDL competitors from 26 area schools descended on Waltrip High School for the first tournament of the 2018-2019 school year. 250 students gathered to compete in five different formats.

Top honors went to:

Congressional Debate

1st - Jackson Nielsen, Energy Institute HS

2nd - Carmen Ford, Houston Academy for International Studies

3rd - Demetria Flowers, Young Women's

Cross Examination Debate (Junior Varsity)

1st - Mahintha Karthik and Sripod Yadagiri, Westside

2nd - Samuel McCullough and Sonaiya Grant, Westside

3rd - Raisa Gire and Erin Stakus, Westside

Cross Examination Debate (Varsity)

1st - Lee Carter and Tavia Gabrysch, Heights

2nd - Ryan Martinez and Adyanna Odom, HAIS

3rd - Natalie Trindad and Brittney Moguel, Heights

Lincoln Douglas Debate (Junior Varsity)

1st - Isabella Rodriguez, North Houston Early College

2nd - Loyld Noel, Sterling

3rd - Nishanth Kadiyala, Carnegie

Lincoln Douglas (Varsity)

1st - Lydian Zamarripa, HAIS

2nd - Christian Acosta, HAIS

3rd - Oscar Gonzalez, HAIS

Public Forum Debate (Junior Varsity)

1st - Sandy Ramirez and Haileigh Fayard, Westbury

2nd - Katalina Li-Kroeger and Ananya Luthria, Carnegie

3rd - Bartolo Barona and Diego Garcia, Westbury

Public Forum Debate (Varsity)

1st - Timothy Gao and Ronald Poole, Westside

2nd - Faith Davis and Victor Gonzalez, Westbury

3rd - Gaurav Dutta and Aurian Maleki, Westside

World Schools Debate (Varsity)

1st - Yosselin Leon, Hermelinda Zamarripa, Alexandria Escobar, Alexis Short and Jaylon Flowers, East Early

2nd - Serina Garcia, Melissa Marin, Dinochi Sandifer and Jerlin Perez, Madison HS

3rd - Maria Jose Calderon, Christian Aguilera, Jacqueline Granados and Yaretzi Marquez, Sam Houston

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