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National Public Debate Series

What would happen if you took smart, energetic students; had them study and research some of the most important issues of our time; and had them debate those issues for a public audience, in front of community leaders who actually make real-world policy in those areas?  Who would learn from the experience?  What would change?

HUDL is proud to be one of only five urban debate leagues selected by NAUDL, the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues, to host an all-new public debate event:  the I RESOLVE Public Debate Series. HUDL's I RESOLVE event took place November 16, 2020.

In the I RESOLVE public debates, high school students debated issues of criminal justice reform, which is both the topic of the 2020-2021 policy debate season and a subject of one of the most important social dialogues of our day.  And in this unique 90-minute online public event, HUDL students debated these issues in front of government and community leaders, who gave them feedback on their arguments and discussed the relationship between our community and its government.

Our distinguished panel of expert judges and community leaders included Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez; Elizabeth Santos, HISD Board of Education Trustee; Professor Gary Bledsoe, former Dean of the TSU Thurgood Marshall School of Law; Barbara Radnofsky, lawyer, debater, and former nominee for the U.S. Senate; and Nickolas Spencer, Managing Attorney of Spencer & Associates, PLLC.

Watch this special event below or on YouTube.


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