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Each summer we offer a one-week camp experience on a college campus to students from around the city. Debate coaches and volunteers train students on the basics, help them develop research skills, and practice.

during the year

Our volunteers work with our school partners to offer weekend seminars and workshops to help students and coaches learn how to get the most out of debate.


During the school year, we help our partner schools host weekend debate tournaments. As many as seven times a year, hundreds of students come together and argue their cases in front of volunteer judges and experienced competitors.


Each year, we host a City Championship tournament at the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse in downtown Houston. Our top competitors advance to national tournaments to match up against urban debaters from across the country.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, many of our city champions receive scholarship awards to apply to their college educations.

HUDL programs are always provided free of charge.

We believe all students deserve the chance to debate. In fact, we think students with limited opportunities to participate in academically-focused extra-curricular activities get the most benefit from our program. So with the help of our generous donors and volunteers, we're investing in these students, wherever we find them, and whatever their circumstances.

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